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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Dr. Jart + BB Beauty Balm

My review for HelloDollface.com

Hands down, the easiest, most effective beauty product on the market right now is Dr. Jart+ BB Beauty Balm. This is an entire skincare regimen in one tube. Beauty Balm is a moisturizer, sunscreen (SPF 25) and treatment serum all wrapped up in one tube of subtly tinted cream. No foundation or concealer needed! This just might be the perfect summer makeup. It’s completely oil free and hides uneven skin tone and blemishes all without any of the heaviness some foundations give you. All the while, protecting and perfecting your skin.
I’ve spent quite a few days at the pool this summer and all I need is Dr. Jart+ BB Beauty Balm, my hat and sunglasses! It even has a cooling effect when applied. I will be recommending my new favorite product to all of the women I know! Dr. Jart offers an additional BB cream with an spf of 45 that works in a similar fashion to the SPF 25.
and now, a BB primer…
BB Creams are the big news in skin care. What exactly is a “BB” anyway? It stands for Blemish Balm and is very popular in Asia but rumor has it that this revolutionary product came from Germany where the ingredients were used to heal and soothe skin after laser surgery.
Some BB creams have a whitening effect while others are geared towards acne prone skin. BB creams give good coverage and aid skin in a variety of ways as detailed above (moisturize, sunscreen, prime, treat, minimize pores, firms, brightens). These creams are literally sweeping the beauty industry- expect to see more BB creams out soon. Find out more about Dr. Jart by going here!

Friday, July 29, 2011

by Hello Dollface contributor Kristen Docker
Original post can be found on HelloDollface.com

Everyone wants shiny, beautiful hair. Especially those of us cursed with dull, lackluster locks! I myself can never
seem to find that perfect balance between greasy and dry hair. The products I use to make my hair shiny, end up
turning my roots into a grease trap (my incessant hair twirling doesn’t help) and the ends of my hair into a frizzy
mess. So when the new 3-product KLORANE Magnolia Range line was given to me for a test drive I was ready!
The line features a shampoo, conditioner and leave-in-styler to meet all of your dull-hair needs.

Formulated with KLORANE’s patent-pending Magnolia Wax and patented shine-activated polymer, the shampoo
combines a really gentle cleansing, cuticle-smoothing (my fave), hydration, and hair protector into one creamy
formula. The conditioner with Magnolia melted into my hair for even more cuticle repair, deep moisturizing and
detangling. The Leave-In-Spray with Magnolia worked great for me as a shine booster and dullness repellent
without even a hint of greasiness. I’ll also add that my hair stayed straight as a board after using the 3 products
and a flatiron, which is like striking gold as anyone with naturally curly hair will tell you!