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Thursday, October 25, 2012

3Lab Super Cream: An Amazing Treat For Your Skin

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to be invited to the Thompson Hotel in Beverly Hills for an exclusive brunch introducing the amazing new 3Lab Super Cream.  Amazing isn't even the word!  Unbelievable might be more appropriate! 

3Lab Super Cream is a super-powered skin booster and the first of its kind available in the USA.  This super charged cream utilizes Intelligent Targeting Device Technology (ITD), the NEWEST evolution in effectively delivering collagen and elastin producing peptides to the cells for maximum efficacy and minimal waste.  Combined with Nano Claire GY and PhytoCell Tec Malus Domestica, Super Cream provides total skin rejuvenation from the bottom layers up. 

3Lab Super Cream feels like luxury!  You won't believe the richness of this cream, packed with antioxidants and peptides that shoot directly to the source of the problem, combating fine lines, wrinkles and skin imperfections with quick and dramatic results. 

During the brunch, Super Cream was passed around the room.  I tried a dab on the back of my hand and couldn't believe the result!  It was instant and shocking how smooth the top of my left hand suddenly was.  So much so, the friends I was sitting with and I couldn't help but "ooh" and "ahh" loudly over it while the beautiful Erica Chung, founder of 3Lab, was still speaking!  After seeing the result on my hand I could hardly contain myself when we were each given the Super Cream to take home and use!

This is an exceptional product! It's definitely something to use sparingly as it is $875 for 1.7 oz but it is a miracle product and worth every penny.  Sold exclusively at Barney's and 3Lab.com

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Juice Beauty: The Organic Solution

I'm a total lip stick, lip gloss, lip balm, lip stain, lip...whatever junkie.  I have some sort of lip product within inches of me at all times and can't walk two feet in my house without a nearby drawer housing at least one or two tubes of some sort of lip gloss!  I'm obsessed.  During the warm weather though I apply even more lip product than usual so I tend to lean toward tinted lip balms during the warm summer months.  Some of the newbies to my collection are the new Juice Beauty Organic Solution SPF 8 Lip Moisturizers.  I slather on the Naturally Clear just before bed and have been swiping on Playful, a semi deep berry color, throughout the day.  These handy little moisturizers combine mineral sun protection with certified organic emollient plant oils, mango & passionfruit essences, nutrient-rich vitamins and honey to pack your pucker with moisture.

Another great product from Juice Beauty is the Refining Finishing Powder, packed with organic ingredients that will leave your skin refined and flawless.  The combination of organic plant powders, fruit extracts and minerals creates a lightweight matte finish that will wear smoothly all day, while giving you an airbrushed look and feel.  I applied the Finishing Powder over my foundation and layered as needed and my skin looked noticeably smoother and primed.  I didn't feel like the powder was too heavy or added to my face makeup in a "caked" on way.  Check it out and the other fabulous Juice Beauty products at www.JuiceBeauty.com

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My Favorite MAC Nail Lacquers of The Moment

Coffee Break

I love MAC cosmetics as much as the next make-up-obsessed person, but for me, it's their Nail Lacquers that keep me loyal! They pack a ton of staying power into those little bottles of vibrant, color rich shades and I love a good nail polish that doesn't chip the day after I paint my nails!

A few shades of MAC Nail Lacquer I've been using over and over again this month are Coffee Break, Nocturnelle, Shirelle and Fiestaware. Coffee Break is a perfectly muted brown shade that matches everything, Nocturnelle is the perfect shade of black I reserve mostly for my toes, Shirelle, well, we all need red nails every once in a while and Fiestaware is a perky peach that would go perfectly with a tan (if I ever had one).  Below is Fiestaware on my nails on day 3...no chips!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

It's Back! Rene Furterer Curbicia Purifying Clay Shampoo

If you've been missing this cult classic from Rene Furterer Paris, have no fear...it's back! If you're unfamiliar with Curbicia, Furterer's oily scalp purifying clay shampoo, here's what it is:  a multi-tasking, deep cleansing scalp mask that also works as a shampoo to keep your scalp from looking oily and keeps your hair looking light and shiny.  With a needle-point tip for easy application, just apply Curbicia to damp, unwashed hair at the scalp and leave for 3 minutes.  Then massage the clay masque into your scalp and down into the rest of your hair and rinse thoroughly. 

Using Furterer's Curbicia purifying clay shampoo just once a week will draw out impurities and will give your hair volume and radiance. 

Key ingredients:

Squash seed - regulates oil
Rhassoul Clay - absorbs oil and purifies the scalp
Essential oils of Thyme, Rosemary & Clove - provide a deep cleansing with anti-fungal benefits

Rene Furterer Paris can be found at Beauty.com as well as fine salons nationwide.  Check out ReneFurtererUSA.com for a location nearest you!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Beauty at Any Budget With Jesse's Girl Cosmetics

Have you tried Jesse's Girl Cosmetics yet? Jesse's Girl Cosmetics was recently voted the most popular new brand at the Chain Drug Marketing Association convention! Jesse's Girl provides exactly what most women today are looking for: fashion-forward beauty products on any budget. With a line featuring high intensity nail polishes, mineralized baked eye shadows, eye and lip liner pencils complete with built in sharpeners, high quality lip glosses and the hugely popular pigment eye dusts, it's no wonder Jesse's Girl is such a hit with women who value top-quality products without the
Have you tried Jesse's Girl Cosmetics yet?  Jesse's Girl Cosmetics was recently voted the most popular new brand at the Chain Drug Marketing Association convention!  Jesse's Girl provides exactly what most women today are looking for: fashion-forward beauty products on any budget.  With a line featuring high intensity nail polishes, mineralized baked eye shadows, eye and lip liner pencils complete with built in sharpeners, high quality lip glosses and the hugely popular pigment eye dusts, it's no wonder Jesse's Girl is such a hit with women who value top-quality products without the

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Angelo David Salon is supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month with Shades of Pink.During the month of October, 2012,100% of sales from every pink manicure serviceprovided will be donated to BREASTCANCER.ORG. Additionally, 10% of the sales from theAngelo David Brush Collectionwill be donated to this nonprofit organization. BREASTCANCER.ORG helps individuals and families make informed decisions by providing current and reliable breast health and breast cancer research information. The website's free online services and strong online community currently reach nearly 13 million people from 230 countries. For more information, please visitwww.breastcancer.org

Small $35, Medium $55, Large $65
“These brushes allow you to get close enough to gently separate, smooth and control hair, while preventing breakage and split ends.” Angelo David
Available for purchase atwww.angelodavid.com or call 212 883-6620
To make an appointment for aPINK manicure, please call 212 883 6620 emailinfo@angelodavid.com
ANGELO DAVID SALON 48 East 43rd Street, 2nd Floor New York, NY 10017
  ABOUT ANGELO DAVID SALON:Angelo David Salon is all about customizing the look of the individual in the chair. Even the ambiance of the salon emphasizes focus on the client. Not quite minimalist, the clean, stylish salon features key pieces, such as plush leather seating, a full amenities bar with cappuccino, rich wood accents and subtly placed photography. The result is a perfect balance between distinguished, elegant design and a relaxed, comforting atmosphere.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Go From Zitty to Pretty With 'No Zit Sherlock' By Bliss

I've been a big fan of Bliss spa products for years and if you've ever stayed at The W Hotel and taken all of the miniatures from your room, I'll bet you're a fan too!  The High Intensity Hand Cream has been a staple in my handbag forever!  My newest favorite Bliss product is charmingly named No 'Zit' Sherlock.  With 1% salicylic acid, this correcting serum helps fade post-pimple pigmentation, minimizes the appearance of large pores and evens skin's tone and texture. 
No 'Zit' Sherlock helps keep skin clear of blackheads while preventing new acne blemishes from forming.  The serum penetrates pesky pores to eliminate most acne pimples before they appear.  I had a small breakout situation last week and started using No 'Zit' Sherlock immediately.  Within 24 hours I saw a difference.  The redness of my new pimples was gone and when used under my moisturizer during the day it kept on fighting those pimples for me! 

Check out the entire No 'Zit' Sherlock Acne System from Bliss at BlissWorld.com

Thursday, October 4, 2012

In Love with Jurlique: Jasmine Hand Cream

I'm sort of a new fan of Jurlique, having only experimented with some Jurlique's fabulous products within the last six months, but I have to say that I am a huge fan!  I've been loving Jurlique's Rose Hand Cream and have been using it for the last few months so I was so excited to get the new Jasmine Hand Cream to try out.  It smells amazing and is packed with a rich, luxurious, protective cream rich in the "living energy of Jasmine, Marshmallow and Chamomile."

The Ingredients:
  • Safflower Seed Oil and Macadamia Oil help re balance dryness and protect from moisture loss.
  • Vitamin E provides antioxidant protection on hands.
  • Carrot Root Extract and Aloe Vera soothe dryness and calm and soften the skin.

Another of Jurlique's signature products I'm in love with is the Soothing Day Care Lotion.  The stuff is fantastic!  It's so lightweight it comes out as a gel perfect for sensitive skin like mine.  It's full of Vitamin E and Sunflower oil that leave skin feeling soft, smooth and hydrated.

If you haven't tried any of Jurlique's products, I urge you to go to their website by clicking here

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Naturally Beautiful Skin by St. Ives

One of the most trusted brands that has been around forever is St. Ives.  I remember using St. Ives cold cream when I was a kid to take off all of my caked on Halloween makeup!  Now, I'm using trusty St. Ives in my daily cleansing routine.

St. Ives Naturally Clear Green Tea Cleanser is perfect for clearing away breakouts and reducing redness.  This cleanser deep cleans to gently remove dirt and make-up and helps maintain skins moisture balance.  It smells amazing and didn't leave my skin feeling dry or tight after cleansing.

 "St. Ives is dedicated to bringing you the best of nature with formulas that delight the senses as they leave your skin with a soft, fresh feel. We understand that little every day choices we make help to better your life. That's why St. Ives is a formulator of quality products."

St. Ives Scrub-Free Exfoliating Pads are new to me and perfect for gentle exfoliation, leaving your skin smooth and radiant.  The Scrub-Free Exfoliating Pads are non abrasive and formulated to release dull skin and impurities while leaving healthy, fresh skin in tact.  Fruit extracts and moisturizing Vitamin E help skin feel soft and smooth.  After one week your skin will feel fresher, younger (bonus!) and more radiant.

All St. Ives products are affordable and can be found at drug stores everywhere!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Real Housewives of New York’s Sonja Tremont-Morgan’s Marilyn Monroe-Inspired Look by Angelo David Couture Wigs

Sonja Tremont-Morgan, Angelo David © Christopher Free
Angelo David, owner of theAngelo David Salon in New York City, created Sonja Tremont-Morgan’s Couture Wig forCatherine Ommanney’s “The Gift” book launch on Wednesday, October 26, 2012 atBobby Van’s “The Vault” Steakhouse.
Once Angelo saw the Lorena Sarbu dress that Sonja selected for the launch party, he was inspired to create a Marilyn Monroe look. Since Sonja typically graces the red carpet with her natural long hair, he felt that switching to a shorter style would be completely unexpected! To make it happen without a snip, he used a shortAngelo David Couture Wig, made of 100% premium European hair. It was prepped for styling withAngelo David Premier Volume Spray and Angelo David Zero Frizz Control.
After product prep, the wig was tousled dry, using a diffuser attachment on the blow dryer. Then natural waves were crisscrossed with a 1-inch barrel curling. For a totally natural look at the roots, the front hairline of the wig was subtly deepened to blend with Sonja's own hairline. Once the wig was in place, Angelo added a finishing touch at the top, using a teasing comb and the Angelo David Couture travel-sized paddle brush.

Angelo David Premier Volume Spray, $18.50 | Angelo David Zero Frizz Control, $19.50
For more information on Angelo David and Angelo David Couture Wigs, please visitwww.angelodavid.com or follow Angelo David on Twitter @ad_salon

Expect the Best & See Results with RevitaLash!

About six weeks ago I was invited to to to try out some amazing products by RevitaLash.  Of course, I'd heard of the product but was curious to see if it really worked.  I'd heard that another eyelash enhancing product out there actually turns your eyes a different color so when I found out RevitaLash would NOT do that, I was ready!

I've been using the RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner religiously for the last six weeks, and wow, does it work!  It's super easy to apply. With it's sleek and no-fuss applicator, I brushed RevitaLash Advanced on my top lash line (can also be used on your bottom lashes!) after I washed my face before bed each night.  It took about three weeks before I saw results, but at that three week mark, the results were pretty dramatic. 

Here is a before picture:

And after eight weeks of use:

And that's just one coat of mascara! AND they continue to grow each week!  I'm addicted to this stuff!  Another RevitaLash Advanced product that does what it promises is RevitaBrow Advanced.  What RevitaLash does for your lashes, RevitaBrow does for, you guessed it, your brows!  Since I'm not skimping in the eyebrow department I gave RevitaBrow to my mother to try since she seems to think she only has "six eyebrow hairs" on one of her brows.  She's been using RevitaBrow on the "six-hair eyebrow" for over a month and you can really see the difference!  She noticed more hair growth on the brow within the first couple of weeks!
RevitaLash has also introduced to their brand, a line of products that will hook you the first time you try them.  RevitaLash Fineline Primer is perfection.  It instantly smooths the skins surface and minimizes the appearance of shadows, imperfections, fine lines and wrinkles on the surface of your skin.  I started using the Fineline Primer in the crows-feet area around my eyes but after I saw how much of a difference it made, I started using it all over my face!
RevitaLash Fineline Primer
 Since I'm somewhat of a mascara-junkie, I couldn't wait to try the new RevitaLash Volumizing Mascara and Volumizing Primer.  First off, the Volumizing Primer is dark blue, instead of the normal white that every other eye lash primer is.  That alone impressed me!  Who wants to coat their lashes in white residue before adding mascara?  The dark blue Volumizing Primer swept on my lashes with no clumps and instantly made my eyelashes look even longer.  The Volumizing Mascara went over the primer smoothly and really made my eyes pop.  RevitaLash Volumizing Mascara is super black, the blackest on the market (really) and perfectly separated my lashes, lengthening and creating volume.
RevitaLash Volumizing Primer
Another favorite of mine is eyeliner, so RevitaLash Raven 12 Hour Eyeliner was going to be put to the test!  A creme eye liner in a mechanical pencil type wand, this eyeliner was easy to apply and went on smooth.  RevitaLash Raven is completely smudge proof and won't rub until you're taking your make up off at the end of the day!  It really is 12 hour eyeliner!
RevitaLash Raven 12 Hour Eyeliner
RevitaLash Spotlight Highlighting Pencil and Hair Advanced are two more RevitaLash products that are worth mentioning here.  The Spotlight Highlighting Pencil gives your brow bone a subtle and youthful lift, can be used in the inner corner of your eye to decrease darkness and bring your eyes forward, between the lash line and brow as a base or shadow, applied to cheek bones to give a red-carpet glow and can even be used in the center of your bottom lip to create a full, pouty lip.  It's natural shade is perfect for all skin tones and has 12 hour staying power!
RevitaLash Spotlight Highlighting Pencil
Hair Advanced by RevitaLash is perfect for any guy or gal who feels they need a little thickening to their locks.  Applied after you've washed and towel dried your hair, Hair Advanced applies like a mousse and is worn in your hair all day.  After just four weeks of daily application, Hair Advanced enhances the appearance of thin and fragile looking hair.
RevitaLash Hair Advanced
These amazing RevitaLash products can be found at RevitaLash.com and at Nordstrom, Bliss, Fred Segal, Red Door Spas and other fine spas. 
Become a fan of RevitaLash on Facebook by clicking here and on Twitter by clicking here!