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Monday, July 30, 2012

Defend Your Hair Color with Infusium Hair Defender!

Keeping up our bought-and-paid for hair color is tough!  After spending our hard earned dollars at the salon, we want to make sure our color lasts as long as possible, right?  I suggest the new Color Defender system from Infusium 23!  Perfectly affordable (under $7 each) Color Defender works to keep your color longer!

Step 1:  The Shampoo.  With Infusium's new sulfate-free formula with color preserving power, your hair color will last up to 2x's longer!

Step 2:  The Conditioner.  This formula, also sulfate-free is infused with shine enhances, and color protects to add luster, while preserving vibrancy and brilliance.

Step 3:  The Leave-In Treatment. The sulfate-free formula is infused with hydrating refinishers helping to detangle and smooth your hair while layering on the shine!  This leave-in conditioner is enriched with pro-vitamins, proteins and amino acids that seal in moisture and protects against damage.

Infusium 23 Color Defender is working for me!  Go grab some and see for yourself!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Luminaze Your Skin Luminous!

If you're in the mood for skin that is absolutely luminous, you simply MUST try Catalytic Skin Tone Illuminator by Luminaze. With a patented, natural enzyme, Luminaze is is clinically proven to work better and faster than the leading prescription ingredient: hydroquinone. And Luminaze is gentle enough to use every day.

Apply twice a day after cleansing.
STEP 1: Apply the patented Active Luminaze™ Enzyme from Pump #1 all over your face, spreading evenly and thoroughly.
STEP 2: Apply an equal amount of the Bio-Activator solution from Pump #2 all over your face.

You'll start to see results after just a few days! Any dark or blotchy spots on your skin will start to fade away before your eyes leaving your skin glowing and gorgeous! If you're looking for a dark spot correcter, Luminaze is for you!

Check Out the Everlasting Sunshine Collection by Suave!

For the first time EVER Suave has debuted one fragrance, Everlasting Sunshine, across all of their product categories.  The new Everlasting Sunshine line includes body wash, body lotion, shampoo, conditioner and anti-perspirant/deodorant.  The summer-smelling Everlasting Sunshine collection is infused with passion flower and vanilla extract giving it an uplifting scent. 

I think my favorite of the collection is the Suave Naturals Everlasting Sunshine Body Lotion.  It's silky smooth and absorbs quickly leaving my skin super soft and smelling summery!  I'm also really loving the heat and wetness protection of the new Everlasting Sunshine Clinical Protection PROsolid anti-perspirant.  It delivers 24-hour protection which is perfect during these hot summer months.

The Everlasting Sunshine Collection by Suave is available at drugstores, supermarkets and mass retailers, like Target and Walmart, nationwide and are each under $6!

Friday, July 20, 2012

'Hey Sailor' & 'Casual Colour' Collections From MAC!

I have a thing for stripes...and sailors, so when I caught a glimpse of the 'Hey Sailor' Collection from MAC I knew I'd be needing to get my hands on it ASAP!  Under the adorable navy and white striped packaging, the 'Hey Sailor' Collection delivers all of the colorful, highly pigmented, fun products you'd expect of MAC Cosmetics.  A couple of the 'Hey Sailor' products I'm going to call my favorites are 'Shore Leave' Pro Longwear Lip Pencil that is the perfect shade of pale pink and nude, 'Vestral White' Nail Lacquer, that lasts and won't chip and 'Cut Loose' Lipglass that adds some serious sheen and shine to the top of any lip color.  MAC has been a long-time staple in my cosmetic arsenal and with all of their innovative collections I'm always excited to see what they have coming out next! 

Another MAC Collection that has my attention is the 'Casual Colour' Collection (pictured below).  These soft-hued pots double as lip and cheek color!  'Casual Colour' is soft and creamy and blends perfectly on your cheeks.  I've been using 'Keep It Loose' on my cheeks then adding a swipe of powder blush over the top.  I found the pale pink, 'Lazy Sunday' perfect for a simple, natural lip color.  It doesn't clump and glides on smooth with just your finger!

Another MAC bonus? Their recycle program! Bring in ten empty (or not-so-empty) MAC containers (lipsticks, glosses, shadows,mascaras, etc.) and you get to pick out a brand new, full-sized product!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Protect Your Hair From the Sun With After-Sun Hair Repair Essentials From Rene Furterer

Did you know that sunlight can dehydrate and weaken your hair's protein structure, leaving it dull, brittle and difficult to style?  Well, it does!  Because sun exposure oxidizes color, highlighted and color treated hair can fade or turn brassy (I'm living proof).  Salt water and chlorine are also harsh on hair, as every blonde knows.  Remember the green "pool hair" you'd get every summer when you were a kid?  Yeah, me too.  If only we'd had the After-Sun collection from Rene Furterer back then.  With three amazing After-Sun hair repair essentials, Rene Furterer will have our tresses looking fabulous!

After-Sun Leave-In Moisturizing Spray is formulated with palm butter to repair and rehydrate sun parched locks.  It also contains cationic conditioners to instantly detangle those beachified strands. 

Repairing After-Sun Shampoo washes away sun damage providing nourishment and repair with palm butter while gently removing salt water and chlorine.  The exclusive cimentrio complex helps rebuild hair's keratin for stronger, healthier hair.

My favorite of the Hair Repair Essentials line is the Repairing After-Sun Mask.  It's a five minute hair mask with palm butter and cimentrio complex that works to strengthen and rehydrate, restoring the elasticity that makes your hair more resistant to breakage.  Infused with cationic polysaccharides to detangle rough, damaged tresses, this creamy post-sun deep conditioner will leave your hair supple, shiny and luminous!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dolce & Gabbana, ILIA, and Bare Minerals. Things I'm Loving Right Now.

It's been a couple of years since I've worn a lipstick that cost over $20, but sometimes, a little splurge is worth it!  I was recently given Dolce & Gabbana Voluptuous Lipstick from the Monica Collection in the shade," Natural Monica", to try out.  It may be the most perfect lipstick on earth.  Really.  These limited edition Dolce & Gabbana Monica Collection lipsticks , inspired by the Italian actress and fashion model, Monica Bellucci, are flattering, creamy and rich and have some serious staying power.  I had about a six hour wear time!  Found exclusively at Saks Fifth Avenue, this is one $32 purchase that's worth it, ladies!

A sort of new-to-me product that I'm in to right now is ILIA Illuminator.  With ILIA, organic ingredients are combined with healing properties of Rose Hip Oil to to bring out your best features.  I've actually been applying ILIA Illuminator in "Sway" lightly across my eyelids under a peachy eyeshadow for a little shimmer.  ILIA can also be used on cheekbones, brow bone, inner corners of eyes, the bridge of your nose and on the center of your bottom lip for a dewy pout. I found that when I applied it to my eyelids post eyeshadow, my shadow didn't crease at all, even after a long day in the sun!

Since discovering that blue-eyed blondes can actually wear purple eyeshadow six years ago, I've been hooked.  The latest I call my favorite, is a deep, shimmery purple called "November" by Bare Minerals.  I'm a fan of the loose shadows because I feel like I have more control on how much of the product actually gets on my brush.  Bare Minerals eye colors pack a ton of color that last all day long.  Bare Minerals shadows all blend seamlessly and almost every shade they produce will mix together beautifully! 

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Jessica Biel Covers the August 2012 Issue of In Style Magazine - Get The Look!

Photo credit:www.Instyle.com

Courtesy of Celebrity makeup Artist Piper Cline ofAngelo David Salon

1) Primer - Laura Mercier Foundation Primer in Radiance applied evenly to the skin using your fingertips.
2) Tinted Moisturizers – Blend Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20 in Bisque Color all over the face to create an natural and dewy finish.
3) Concealer – Laura Mercier Secret Concealer in #2 shade. Apply using your ring finger or concealer brush, gently patting the product under the eye to cover any dark circles.
4) Under Eye Brightener – Laura Mercier Brightening Powder in #1 Shade. With the Camouflage brush, under the eye area to help conceal and brighten dark spots.
5) Blush – Laura Mercier Creme Cheek Colour in Blaze around the apples of the cheek

1) Primer – Laura Mercier in Eye Canvas in EC2 applied onto to the eyelids to help prevent eye makeup creasing. The product will also create the perfect canvas to apply your eye makeup
2) Eye Shadow – Laura Mercier Luster Eye Colour in Bronze Copper to the lids using a eyeshadow brush. With a detailed eyebrush, use Laura Mercier Eye Colour in Sand Stone to the inner corners and the bottom lash line.
3) Eyeliner – Laura Mercier Caviar Eye Liner in Chestnut to the upper and lower lash line using a a flat eye liner brush. To create that “smoky effect” slightly smudge the eyeliner with a smudge brush .
4) Mascara – 2 coats of Laura Mercier Long Lash Mascara in Black Color to the top and bottom lashes.
5) EyeBorws – Laura Mercier Eye brow Pencil in warm Brunette color. Lightly apply pencil to eyebrows to fill in any sparse area

1) Lip Primer - Laura Mercier Lip Silk to help hold lip color and heal cracked or dry lips
2) Lip Liner – Laura Mercier Pencil in natural Lips Color around the lips to prevent lipstick bleeding and prolong wearing of the lipstick.
3) Lipstick – Laura Mercier Shimmer Lip Colour in Copper to top and bottom lips

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Stila Warehouse Sale! You're Invited! 7/28

Stock up on all of your favorite Stila products at the HUGE Stila Warehouse Sale on Saturday July 28th at The Doll Factory in LA!  Up to 80% off!

The Doll Factory LA: 1910 West Temple Street, Los Angeles, CA. 90026

Monday, July 9, 2012

Bodycology Brings Summer to Your Skin!

 New scents have arrived from Bodycology!
With all of the new fresh-smelling bath and body products Bodycology has just released you'll be ready to jump skin first into summer. 

The new Bodycology fragrance mist, in Cloud Nine smells amazing with hints of sweet citrus, apple and jasmine and will carry you to your own personal Cloud Nine.  And it contains aloe vera to keep your skin conditioned and hydrated.

If it's a body scrub you are in to, try Bodycology's Sweet Petals body scrub with exfoliating sugar crystals and moisturizing Shea Butter. Your skin will be left feeling pampered and smooth and smelling of Sweet Petals.

My favorite from Bodycology is the Sunkissed Citrus foaming body wash.  I love the smell of citrus whether it's spring or not!  Sunkissed Citrus is infused with fresh scents of mango, tangerine and grapefruit combined to rejuvenate your senses, leaving you revitalized and renewed.

Bodycology products can be found at drugstores and specialty stores for wallet-friendly prices!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Brush with Beauty - SOHO Beauty Silk Makeup Brush Collection

Anyone who wears makeup can agree that there is something so refreshing about getting your hands on a new set of makeup brushes.  Since most of the time the brushes we are instructed to buy cost twice as much as the actual makeup itself, the new bristles are too far and few between! 

With my new quest being all about "budget beauty" I wondered what the difference really was between the $175 "basic beauty" brush set (brand to remain nameless) and the cheaper makeup brushes you see at Ulta, Target, Wal-Mart, CVS, etc.  Yes, some of the cheapie brushes are just that, El Cheapo leaving more bristles on your face than in the brush BUT one brand that really impressed me was SOHO Beauty.  Their line of silk makeup brushes are perfect.  The brushes are made from the finest nylon fibers and natural hair, making makeup application silky smooth.

SOHO Beauty combines world-class design and state of the art materials to create the most sought after beauty cases, makeup brushes, and accessories on the market. Based in Los Angeles, SOHO Beauty’s products offer fashion, function, and, the BEST part....affordability!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Get the look! Katie Holmes Covers US ELLE's August 2012 Issue

Photo Credit:www.elle.com

Katie HolmesCovers US ELLE's August 2012 Issue with a BANG!
How to get the look with just 3 easy steps by Celebrity Hairstylist Angelo David ofAngelo David Salon

Step 1:
Apply theAngelo David Premier Volume Spray (available atwww.angelodavid.com $18.50) on wet hair to create lift.

Step 2:
After blow drying hair straight using theAngelo David Round Brush (available atwww.angelodavid.com $65), separate the front section of your hair, then clip in theAngelo David Couture Fringe (available atwww.angelodavid.com) to create your bangs.

Step 3:
Set with a flatiron for a smooth finish

About Angelo David: Angelo David Salon provides Couture Hair solutions that address any hair challenge. Completely customized Couture Hair Extensions & Additions are 100-percent human hair and are designed on-site to match each client’s hair texture, type and color, as well as lifestyle. During an initial consultation, clients and their specialist explore every option together. When designing is completed, the Couture Hair is custom-fitted and seamlessly applied, using the ideal attachment method for the individual. Then, the hair is cut and styled for flawless blending. Likehaute couture designs, everything about Couture Hair is original and personalized. The result of years of research and development, it can solve any hair challenge.www.angelodavid.com 48 East 43 Street, 2nd Floor New York City (212) 883-6620. | @AD_salon.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Feel the radiance of summer with the new limited edition fragrance from Beyonce'

Get ready to send pulses racing this summer with the newest addition to the Beyonce' Parfums collection!  Fresh, airy and optimistic, Beyonce' Pulse Summer Edition captures the essence of a playful, sun-drenched summer day!

Infused with delicious scents of Pear, Icy Mandarin, Pink Pepper, Ginger Orchid, Jasmin, Tunisian Orange Flower, Sapphire Woods, Musks and Benzoin, Beyonce' Pulse is an absolute must for spring and summer. 

The scent is delicate and flirty and I fell in love with it when I opened the box.  It almost reminds me of Dolce & Gabbana's Light Blue (one of my long-time favorites).

Beyonce' Pulse will be available at select perfumery chains and fine department stores spring 2012 and is a limited-edition release so make sure to check out this perfect scent for the warm, joyful, flirty summer months ahead!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Smell Unique With Sebastian Signs Fragrance Signatures

Sherri Sebastian, creator and founder of Sebastian Signs Fragrance Signatures believes that "a little luxury should be an essential part of every one's life."

I'm a new fan of Sebastain Signs and now that I've worn some of the delicious scents I can't believe I haven't tried it sooner!  My two favorite Sabastian Signs pure perfume oils are No. 35, which reminds me of a relaxing spa with calming scents and No. 17, with its playful, subtle sweet scent.  A small dab on my on my outer forearm, as suggested by Sebastian Signs, and the luxurious scent stays with me all day long!

I can't wait to try Perusa Dream Extract by Sebastian Signs next! Perusa Dream Extract is a luxury pillow spray that is said to create a more passionate and harmonious dream environment when misted onto your sheets and pillows.  It can also be applied to clothes and surrounding air during your day to expand your conscious energy and invoke your abundant dream atmosphere.  Sounds like something I need!