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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Get Re-Introduced to Noxzema! A Cult Classic!

I first remember using Noxzema when I was probably seven or eight years old and had my first horrible sunburn.  I remember that crisp smell filling my nostrils when my step mom opened up her jar of Noxzema and rubbed it over my beet red shoulders.  Did that ever feel good!  To this day any time I see or smell that familiar scent I think of her! 

Now, in my mid-thirties I'm doing everything I can not to succumb to the peer pressures of Botox (I'm trying to make it to 40 Botox-free) so I try to take the best possible care of my skin.  Did you know that moisturizing alone can visibly reduce the appearance of wrinkles?  Something I wish I had known a decade ago!  Another perk of being thirty something?  Acne!  I was acne free all through high school but sometime after I hit my late twenties I started breaking out a couple times each month.  And I'm talking monster, I'm going to perform self-surgery, acne.  Not pretty.  My skin has also gotten super sensitive within the past few years so I'm always leary of trying any new skin care products that I'm unfamiliar with.  Thankfully Noxzema is a brand I know and trust so I was thrilled to start using some of their acne products.  

Formulated for adult skin, Noxzema Triple Clean Anti-Bacterial Lathering Cleanser, Clean Blemish Control Daily Scrub and Triple Clean Anti-Blemish Pads are working wonders on my bad breakouts!  Since my most recent traumatizing breakout about six days ago, I've been using the combo of these three products and after just a few days my giant pimples were virtually unnoticeable.  The Clean Blemish Control Daily Scrub has the best smell to it.  I've caught myself just opening the cap to take a whiff a few times! (That's not weird, right?)

Since laziness sometimes wins over reason, I'm all about makeup removal cloths.  Noxzema now makes an awesome Clean Moisture Makeup Removal Cloth that's alcohol free and easily removes all traces of makeup.  Even the four layers of mascara I wear each day!

If its been awhile since you've last had Noxzema in your cabinet, now is the time to get re-introduced!  The Original Deep Cleansing Cream has so many uses other than just removing dirt, oil and make up!  Perfect for sunburns (which you shouldn't ever get because you're lathering up with SPF 50!) and about a hundred other things.  I rubbed some on my dry cuticles the other day and last night when I was congested and could barely breathe I rubbed a little under my nose and even stuck the jar under my nose and took several deep breaths!  I love Noxzema!

For more information on the favorite cult classic, Noxzema, and some of their newest products, click here!

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