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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Beyond Clear: A NEW Kind of Skin Clearing System

Forget everything you thought you knew about acne products.  Say hello to Beyond Clear, A NEW breakthrough skin clearing system!
Developed by the #1 dermatologist prescribed BPO acne brand, Beyond Clear does the complete opposite of what you've come to expect from an acne product.  Beyond Clear clears breakouts twice as fast, without irritation, prevents future breakouts for continuously clear skin and improves skin tone and texture. 
Beyond Clear balances, repairs and strengthens your skin to deliver softer, smoother and more beautiful skin.  The secret is the patent-pending Clarifoam Technology Foam Delivery System that enables the first successful combination of BPO, Retinol, Salicylic Acid and Niacinamide at higher, more effective levels that is suitable for ALL skin types.  It's also hydrating so it clears up breakouts while being good for your skin!
You'll see results unlike anything you've ever seen from an acne system.  Beyond Clear gets your skin clearer, faster, without the usual redness, flaking and dryness.  I used the Beyond Clear Skin Clearing System at the first sign of a small breakout and within two days the breakout was gone!  I'll definitely be keeping this system handy for my next ugly break out!
For all of the details and information on Beyond Clear, go to beyondclearskin.com
You can also follow Beyond Clear on Twitter @beyondclearskin AND follow them on Facebook/beyondclearskin

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