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Friday, October 21, 2011

Ready For Winter Hats?

I've been trying to be a cool hat person for years.  Every season I buy the latest fashion head accessory, then take it home and put it in my closet where it sits on the top shelf, with tags still attached.  I bought myself a fedora at the end of summer and was convinced this would be the hat that broke my no-hat-wearing curse.  Wrong again.  I'm just not a trendy hat kind of girl.  

The only hats I don't seem to have a fashion block over are cold weather hats.  For some reason, I can sport those no problemo.  Maybe they remind me of snow skiing as a little girl or maybe I'm just trying to channel my inner snow bunny.  Either way I've found some cute womens winter hats that I have my on (pictured above).  Now, if I can just get this Southern California weather to get below 70 degrees I'll be in business!

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