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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Overnight results with Sadick

My review of Sadick for HelloDollface.com

As I forge deeper into my 30’s and realize my 22 year old skin is long gone, I find myself borderline obsessing over the fine lines, wrinkles and sun spots that seem to be multiplying on my face. In search of that one fabulous skin care product that works and that I can afford to maintain, I find Sadick. With seriously visible results after 3 days (no lie!) Sadick Dermatology Groups’ Park Avenue Prescription delivers. AND it’s paraben and sulfate free, the two major things I check for while shopping for skin care products.
The three step system begins with the Night Serum, which made my skin silky smooth and dewy all on its own. It was almost a shame to waste this amazing skin on sleep! After the serum has soaked in, you head into step two with the Rejuvenation Cream then it’s off to bed while Sadick does what it does best, fight those pesky wrinkles and skin discoloration. The final step, step three, is a light and oil free Protection Cream that is the perfect start to your morning make- up regime. I even found that it worked doubly as a primer! My makeup went on smoother than ever!

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