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Friday, August 19, 2011

Try it, Love it-Klorane Pomegranate Shampoo & Dry Shampoo

by Kristen, HelloDollface contributor

Original post found on HelloDollface.com

Extending the life of my hair color is crucial. I tend to spend a fortune on my hair, so when I walk out of the salon, I want to maximize my dollar and make it last! Klorane Hair Care has come out with a new product line that includes shampoo with pomegranate, conditioner with pomegranate and a no-rinse care with pomegranate. In case you haven’t caught on, the trend here is pomegranate which has been proven to help hair color last up to twice as long! Who knew?!
Each product in Klorane’s new line is formulated withMoroccan-grown pomegranate to help bind color to the keratin in hair. This helps to maintain precious pigments so that color remains vibrant.
Klorane shampoo with pomegranate cleanses, enhances and prolongs the intensity of color while giving hair a super, deep clean feeling. Klorane conditioner with pomegranate is a concentrated treatment that repairs and protects hair that has been weakened and damaged by repeated coloring. Klorane no rinse care with
pomegranate protects hair color on a daily basis, repairing damage down to the fragile ends while also providing protection from the sun with UV filters. Just a small amount worked into your hair before blow-drying is like sunglasses for your locks.
I’ve been using the Klorane pomegranate line for a full week now and I love how vibrant my hair is looking! And, as I’ve mentioned before, in a past review, Klorane seems to take the frizz out of my hair like magic! My hair is styled so much easier after just one wash with Klorane. This November, celebrate National Pomegranate month with Klorane!

Cindy's Note:
Did you know that Klorane Dry Shampoo just celebrated FORTY YEARS! Yes, forty years ago, Klorane Dry Shampoo hit the market and was the first dry shampoo to change the way people cared for their hair. Over time, the ingredients changed and the formula became even better. Its certainly changed my life. Now I can go two days after a blow out without washing my hair. I use this product to absorb any oils and to keep my hair clean and fresh on the days I don’t want to deal with blow drying and curling and styling. It also adds body and volume and freshens hair. I use it after blowing drying my hair straight to add some oomph to my fine strands. It can be used to sop up any excess serum or oil you might have added to your hair.
I like both the aerosol and the non-aerosol versions. When I travel to New York city next month for New  York Fashion Week, this dry shampoo is a must have! I won’t be leaving home without it. There’s a reason that this dry shampoo with oat milk is considered the best of the best…because it is!

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