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Monday, July 2, 2012

Smell Unique With Sebastian Signs Fragrance Signatures

Sherri Sebastian, creator and founder of Sebastian Signs Fragrance Signatures believes that "a little luxury should be an essential part of every one's life."

I'm a new fan of Sebastain Signs and now that I've worn some of the delicious scents I can't believe I haven't tried it sooner!  My two favorite Sabastian Signs pure perfume oils are No. 35, which reminds me of a relaxing spa with calming scents and No. 17, with its playful, subtle sweet scent.  A small dab on my on my outer forearm, as suggested by Sebastian Signs, and the luxurious scent stays with me all day long!

I can't wait to try Perusa Dream Extract by Sebastian Signs next! Perusa Dream Extract is a luxury pillow spray that is said to create a more passionate and harmonious dream environment when misted onto your sheets and pillows.  It can also be applied to clothes and surrounding air during your day to expand your conscious energy and invoke your abundant dream atmosphere.  Sounds like something I need!

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