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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Protect Your Hair From the Sun With After-Sun Hair Repair Essentials From Rene Furterer

Did you know that sunlight can dehydrate and weaken your hair's protein structure, leaving it dull, brittle and difficult to style?  Well, it does!  Because sun exposure oxidizes color, highlighted and color treated hair can fade or turn brassy (I'm living proof).  Salt water and chlorine are also harsh on hair, as every blonde knows.  Remember the green "pool hair" you'd get every summer when you were a kid?  Yeah, me too.  If only we'd had the After-Sun collection from Rene Furterer back then.  With three amazing After-Sun hair repair essentials, Rene Furterer will have our tresses looking fabulous!

After-Sun Leave-In Moisturizing Spray is formulated with palm butter to repair and rehydrate sun parched locks.  It also contains cationic conditioners to instantly detangle those beachified strands. 

Repairing After-Sun Shampoo washes away sun damage providing nourishment and repair with palm butter while gently removing salt water and chlorine.  The exclusive cimentrio complex helps rebuild hair's keratin for stronger, healthier hair.

My favorite of the Hair Repair Essentials line is the Repairing After-Sun Mask.  It's a five minute hair mask with palm butter and cimentrio complex that works to strengthen and rehydrate, restoring the elasticity that makes your hair more resistant to breakage.  Infused with cationic polysaccharides to detangle rough, damaged tresses, this creamy post-sun deep conditioner will leave your hair supple, shiny and luminous!

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