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Thursday, May 17, 2012

3LAB's New Ginseng Skin Care Collection Is Here!

Erica Y. Chung’s passion for creating the “Perfect Product” lead her to co-found 3LAB with her husband, David Chung. Together, this dynamic husband and wife team have a combined 40 plus years of beauty retail experience and set out to create 3LAB, the perfect anti-aging skin care collection.

If you haven't tried any of 3LAB's anti-aging skin care products you are missing out!  The stuff is simply amazing and worth every penny.  3LAB's brand new Ginseng Skin Care Collection, includs, "The Cream", "The Serum" and "The Eye Cream" are all formulated to address and treat all of the signs of aging from wrinkles to skin tone imperfections.

It is this quest for the ultimate results-oriented product range that drives Erica Y. Chung to work tirelessly, along with the chemists, in her cutting-edge laboratory and state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. The result? A line of new and highly effective high-end skincare products that keep the promises to their claims by using the most innovative and technologically advanced ingredients available – like Nano-Claire GY™, the world’s first bio-engineered growth hormone and apple stem cell technology.

3LAB's "The Cream" is an ultra-hydrating cream infused with Wild Mountain Ginseng, an ancient remedy and proven healer, and modern technology and advanced ingredients to preserve a youthful complexion, prevent the signs of aging and lock in moisture so the skin remains plump, hydrated and gowing.  Rare Ginseng stem cells along with Phytofix and Oristar ADS stimulate collagen production for the ultimate lift.

3LAB's "The Serum" accelerates cellular turnover with rare Ginseng stem cells while a Yin Yang Extract blend balances the skin.  Betafin promotes collagen production and provides long-lasting lift, while powerful brighteners target hyper-pigmentation, dark spots and frekles.  Photonutrients activate the skin's metabolism and helps keep skin youthful and glowing while preventing the signs of aging.

3LAB's "The Eye Cream" combines Wild Mountain Ginseng and a peptide blend featuring Eyeseryl to provide superior hydration while lifting and firming the delicate eye area and reducing the puffiness of under eye bags.  Rare Genseng stem cells along with fermented extracts, including Gwennis accelerate turnover and keep the eyes looking bright and youthful. 

3LAB Skin Care products can be found at high end department stores everywhere and also at www.3lab.com

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