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Thursday, April 19, 2012

ByuTi Brings its Luxury Salon to Brentwood

Last week Natasha Sunshine-Antonio, owner of the infamous ByuTi on Wilshire Boulevard in Santa Monica, opened the doors to her newest premier Hair Therapy Salon in Brentwood, CA.

I've been a client of ByuTi for over a year and will tell you that I have never had better looking or healthier hair in my life. I've had my locks cut and colored by a few different stylists at ByuTi and each time I have been beyond impressed, recommending ByuTi to friends any chance I get!

When I sat in the stylists chair last week at ByuTi's new Brentwood location, I could smell PureOlogy in the air couldn't wait to have my hair pampered and nourished. My hair was treated to one of ByuTi's custom Beauty Blenders, a carefully-crafted hair treatment mixed with a PureOlogy masque, customized just for my hair. The conditioning hair mask was brushed onto my wet hair, then I relaxed under a micro mist machine for fifteen minutes while my hair soaked in the much needed nutrients. A refreshing blast of cool air the last minute of the treatment closed up the hair follicles keeping all of the nutrients trapped in my hair's core.

Once my hair was healthy again from the Beauty Blender, I was treated to an amazing ByuTi hair cut.  My stylist, Lee worked magic on my mane!  He went to town trimming, twisting, and twirling until I was left with gorgeous, bouncy, healthy hair.  That day after I left ByuTi I had more compliments on my hair than I'd ever had!

Here are just a few of ByuTi's unique offerings:

·         The Healing Haircut: Equal parts restorative meditation and beauty treatment, a Healing Haircut combines a cut with massage, reiki, and acupressure. The treatment begins with a question to the client: what would you like to let go of? Next, he/she is asked to imagine giving up that something with the cutting away of hair. The healing portion of the process follows, and then the cutting begins.

·         Custom-Blended Reparative Treatments: The ByuTi team specializes in creating healthy hair. Just as each client is unique, each treatment is specifically formulated to give him/her the greatest results possible. ByuTi Blender treatments are available to help smooth coarse hair, thicken fine or limp hair, add shine to dull locks, rebuild protein in weak or damaged hair, repair over-processed hair and to help fight oily hair. Clients can choose between one or multiple blenders to bring their hair to the fullest health and quality.    

·         Men’s Grooming: Not just for women, ByuTi makes the salon process comfortable for men, while delivering the latest in men’s grooming.

·         ByuTi is a sustainable salon and member of Santa Monica’s Sustainable Works Organization.  Sustainable Works also awarded ByuTi with a Gold Medallion for their efforts in making ByuTi a Green Standard Salon.

·         ByuTi also works side by side with Global Green every year at their pre-Oscar party in Los Angeles and their Eco-Friendly Fashion Show in San Francisco benefiting Global Green.  ByuTi hosts an annual fundraiser, Blow Dry Boot Camp, to assist Global Green’s efforts.

With the feel-good mantra, "Give Goodness" ByuTi provides clients with more than just a beautifying experience. From wholesome ingredients used to extra services provided, the goal is to serve with integrity, excellence and professionalism.

Make your appointment at ByuTi today and get a complimentary treatment with your first visit, 20% off all products AND 20% off your next appointment!  And since ByuTi has an impressive list of celebrity clients, you never know who you'll bump in to!

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